Destiny out now!


Destiny is likely to be one of the biggest entertainment launches of the year and may well become a major hit among gamers and sci-fi fans. Destiny is an ambitious online shooter which borrows the best parts from several popular videogames and mixes them into one adventure. You can explore the story alone in single player mode or meet up with other gamers for some online fun. The aim of Destiny is to change the way we think about online gaming with enough content to keep gamers coming back. Destiny is a shared world shooter designed by Bungie, the studio behind the successful Halo franchise. Destiny combines elements from FPS and RPG genres. Players need to explore the galaxy while battling aliens in a single online universe so players are able to meet others and team up together to beat enemies. Even hardcore gamers don’t know what to expect from Destiny when the game comes out today (9th September 2014).

The best part, buy the game on current gen consoles and get it free on next gen consoles.

For more details visit the official Destiny website.

Watch the trailer here.

How many of you will be buying the game Destiny?