Become a (Cardboard) Pinball Wizard with PinBox 3000

The Kickstarter project PinBox 3000 enables you to design and build your own pinball machine, out of cardboard.


Several times in my life, I’ve sat down with cardboard and tried to build something. Granted, most of those times were in grammar school, but there’s been times I’ve tried it in adult life as well. Sadly, most my projects haven’t really turned in to anything that looked like how I intended. And I’ve never made anything that I would show off.

The PinBox 3000 looks like something that was made for people like me. The kid arrives with all the parts and pieces you need, along with die cut cardboard pieces, which can be put together to build a working cardboard pinball machine.


Being cardboard, it’s quite simple to customize your game to your own liking. To that end, the creators have also introduced the Gamechanger Series, which has some great looking designs by some great artists.

The Kickstarter project has quite a goal of $95,000. If you’d like to support, click here.