Analogue Announces NT mini

Analogue is bringing back better things in even smaller packages.

Analogue brought the NT out to rave reviews. It was lauded as being one of the few devices that properly brought the retro gaming nostalgia to the modern tech world. The technology in the gaming device gave the bit-based graphics of NES games of ole sparkle on the high definition screens of today.

Analogue released news of their newest console: NT mini. This device will play all NES cartridges and offers HDMI and RGB connectivity. Furthermore, they offer a wireless reboot of the classic NES controller. The mini also has 4 ports to allow for co-opt play, or to plug in your Duck Huntin’ gear.

The mini is said to be 20% smaller than the original NT. So, if your media center is getting crowded, it might be time to downsize.


The Analogue NT mini is set to ship in January 2017.




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