Add Some Zombie Repellent To Your Foam Arsenal


There are a few toys out there that are quite possibly more fun for adults than they are for children, and Nerf guns fit that bill.

Shooting those foam darts at unsuspecting friends are always good for a laugh, and now Nerf has added a new weapon of friend humiliation with Zombie Repellent.

Zombie Repellent canisters will snap in to the Abolisher and the Eraser, two new Nerf launchers which are part of the the Zombie Strike Arsenal! Finally, Nerf guns that are as cool as they are fun.

In case you’re wondering what the Zombie Repellent is, you might recognize it as Silly String.


The Abolisher should have really been called the Humiliator, as not only will it be shooting foam darts and flinging ropes of silly string at your friends, but you will also be able to shoot water or other fun fluids from a water tank.

They didn’t make Nerf like this when I was a kid, luckily I’m more than willing to play with them as an adult.



  • undbiter65

    Would have loved this as a kid