Zombie Apocalypse? Grab Your Tongs

By now, everyone should have their favorite weapon chosen and ready for the impending zombie apocalypse. Thanks to Walking Dead, most people I know now talk about the crossbow as being the ultimate weapon. Personally, I don’t want to have to retrieve slimy arrows, so I’ll be carrying my trusty sharpened shovel.

This guy has a different idea though.

Joerg Sprave has created what he has called “Skull Tongs”. I’m not so sure how useful these would be in a heard situation, but if you’ve got a slow zombie moping up to you, it could be a fun way to say goodbye to the little fella’. Watch the video below to see how much fun Joerg has with his new toy!

Hopefully, these will take off and Joerg can get back to his hobby of sewing people together into centipedes.