Hands on Review: WristEase Ergonomic Bands

WristEase Ergobands give support and help stave off the effects of repetitive motion injuries.

A few weeks ago I was browsing KickStarter, and I found something that made me stop and go…. “I could actually use that.”

WristEase Ergobands are built to alleviate the pain and discomfort of common repetitive motion injuries like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. And let’s be real, between my time spent at work (I’m a professional office jockey.), blogging, and gaming, I put my wrists to work. Wait…that sounds wrong. Whatevs. You get me.

Anyway, I decided to hit up the project leader and ask if I could try them out. He graciously sent me a pair. I’ve been wearing them while my wrists “do the heavy lifting” for about a week.

The Results

My first impressions are pretty standard. The design is simple, yet effective. They are wrist bands with extra padding on the underside to offer support as you type, blog, game, et al. The fabric is soft, and stretches comfortably to fit. The padding has a balance of softness and firmness to bear the weight without causing pressure points.

The WristEase bands support your wrist in a way that allow your fingers to rest/type/write comfortably. It’s pretty spectacular at how much these have seemed to help. Let me highlight the parts that stuck out to me:

  • They are wearables, meaning they move with you. No need to keep re-positioning an extra piece of hardware every time you switch to a new task.
  • They are adjustable. I’ve noticed that when moving from my ergo keyboard to my laptop keyboard I need support on a slightly different spot. So, I can slide the WristEase bands to find the perfect spot and carry on.
  • They are comfortable. I’m not a fan of having anything too snug that might hinder movement. The WristEase bands are soft and stretchy. They stay in place without feeling like they are binding.

You don’t have to be an office jockey, like me, to get a lot out of these bands. They can be used for many different hobbies that put strain on your wrist and hands.img_20160919_191425_edit

If the WristEase Ergobands seem like something you could use, find out more on KickStarter.


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  • Brad

    That’s pretty smart to make them as wristbands instead of that big noodle in front of the keyboard that never seems to be the right placement. Nice. I like this.

    • E

      It really does help to have them move with you. They’re always right where you need them when you’re ready to work.