Welcome to Level, The Wearable that Sits on Your Face

This is proving to be the year of the wearable! The days of wearable being limited to fitness bands and smartwatches are now past.

Wearables are taking all different forms now. Previously the category known only for smart watches and fitness bands, we are now seeing he category explode. How about introducing fitness tracking to something which many people are already wearing daily? That’s what Level is doing now.

Level is being created by The Shop (the innovation lab of VSP Global). The Shop formerly built custom frames for Google Glass. With Glass fizzling out quickly, The Shop is staking their own claim to the wearable market with a fitness tracker that is hidden inside a custom pair of glasses. What’s special about these glasses? They look like a normal pair of glasses. People wearing Level will not face the public scrutiny that the Glass-Holes that came before them did.

Through a partnership with the University of Southern California Center for Body Computing, we can be assured that Level will get the it right. Buried inside the left arm of the glasses are a gyroscope, magnetometer, and accelerometer. The glasses then connect to an app on the user’s smartphone as most all other trackers do. They’ve even included a “Find My Glasses” feature. Anyone that wears glasses can appreciate that, as it can prove especially difficult to find your glasses when you’re not wearing your glasses.

Level is currently still in it’s testing phase, and hopes to release the results of it’s studies in 2017.