‘Wankband’ May Hold the Key to Save the Planet


“That’s one small stroke for man, and one giant stroke for mankind.” With fitness bands becoming evermore popular, Pornhub has decided to enter this market in a completely different way (which was frankly only a matter of time until someone thought of this), with a masturbation band. They are calling it the ‘Wankband.’

Now don’t be a jerk and knock it before you try it. The band is worn around your wrist and works like your normal fitness band, except that it measures strokes or jerks rather than steps.

The Wankband actually has some very interesting features. There is a small weight inside the band that stores the kinetic energy from every motion and turns it into electric energy. The simple display on the Wankband let’s you know how much energy you’ve stored up. This is the dirtiest clean energy known to man. You can use this energy to charge your phone, tablet, or whatever other device you want to be cum powered.

As Porhub says: “Love the planet by loving yourself”

Gizmodo even reports that a whopping 13% of all Internet searches is for erotic content. If all of these got a Wankband, global warming might take a beating. You can join the beta test group here.

Watch the video here: