VertiGo – A wall climbing robot.

Who would have thought the company that bring you Snow White and Frozen is secretly developing a wall climbing robot. When you’re done playing with your flying drone, have a look at this  Wild Wild West inspire steampunk critter. It’s a collaboration between Disney Research Zurich and ETH. The robot can climb walls and back on ground with ease. It has two tiltable propellers that provide trust to the walls and back on to the grounds. All I can think of its use to scare the crap out of unsuspecting sunbathing women in the neighbouring back yard during the summer.


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  • jrohland

    How else will Disney check if you are watching bootleg movies? Climb your house walls and peak in your windows. At least that shouldn’t need to be registered with the government, yet.

    • Bambinoitaliano

      Between the drones and wall climbing robots, average folks will be under siege in their own home not in a distance future. Lol!!