UTB Reviews the Amazon Alexa Dot

It’s the personal assistant that leads them all. The Amazon Echo came cruising on to the scene as the product no one knew they wanted. The voice assistant in a tube, which can sit on your desktop, nightstand, or kitchen counter, and answer each of your questions. It can order a pizza, an Uber, it can even sing Happy Birthday to you. The Echo quickly became a gadget that people knew.

Then the Echo had a little sister. The Amazon Echo Dot. About the size of the very top of the Echo, this gadget has all the function of the larger Echo, however it’s missing the large speaker. Instead it has a small internal speaker and can connect to external speakers either through cable or through Bluetooth. This is a function which the larger Echo does not have.

Now, the Dot has entered it’s second generation. Slightly shorter, and missing the dial volume control on top, it now has two extra buttons for volume up or down, however you’ll probably never use those buttons as it’s much more satisfying to just tell the Dot what sound level you’d like it at. It’s also quite a bit cheaper than the first generation Dot.

I received a Dot about a week ago as a gift, and made a short video to show you what I thought about it. My opionion? It’s a fun, yet useful gadget. It’s created a new market segment now that Google has entered, and Apple is rumored to be looking at. In this case, I’m pulling for Amazon. It was first, and they have an exceptional product. It may not be a must buy, but it’s something you’ll want. Watch the video below and tell me what you think in the comments.




If you’d like one for yourself, head to Amazon and pick one up!