Triton: The World’s First Artificial Gills Re-Breather

Taking a page from James Bond, Jeabyun Yeon founder and designer of  Triton gills allow swimmers to go under water without the accompanying of  heavy equipment such as mask, tubes and oxygen tank. The basic functionality is these :

  • The artificial gills are made out of Microporous Hollow Fiber. This is the pioneering technology that keeps water molecules out, and lets oxygen in.
  • Triton is powered by a modified lithium-ion battery that allows you to swim underwater for 45 minutes.
  • Our modified micro compressor can extract enough oxygen for a human to comfortably breathe underwater.

Sounds too good to be true isn’t it? The funding collected has far exceed the initial goal of $50,000. It is sitting at $643,632! Right now you can get the colour of your choice at $299 USD. Head on over to this link and read on for more information. So experienced divers and snorkelers, do you think this invention is workable as advertise? Let me know at the comment section.



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