TrapTap – A Wireless Speed Trap Indicator.

A team of developers from Winnipeg, Canada  has a nifty gadget to offer. TrapTap is a wireless button that warns you of speed traps, red lights camera and school zones by flashing different colours. It has a 2 year battery life. This little gadget is portable that you can bring it along in any vehicle you are employing. The developers have pre-mapped over 60 countries of every red light cameras and school zones. All you need is to download the app, connect your Trap Tap to blue tooth, toggle on-off features and place on your dashboard. With 48 days to go this Kickstarter project sitting at $75,000 is well on its way to reach $85000 goal. The early bird price of $85 per unit is gone. But if you are thinking of picking up multiple units there are special pricing for them. Did i mention this is in Canadian dollar? For more information hit the link here to learn more.


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