Top Xbox 360 games (Opinion)

Xbox 360

With the launch of Xbox one, the 360 will most likely be abandoned soon by both game developers and players alike. But it was a great console that redefined gaming for the last 8 years. It’s time to look back at some of the best games that were available on the 360.

Here is a list of my top Xbox 360 games that I really enjoyed playing most;

1. Call of Duty (Series):

Although this post is not meant to rate games, it’s just a list of my favourite 360 games, the COD series will rank number 1 on my list. Be it campaign, team death matches or the special ops mode, they are all thoroughly enjoyable and can be played again and again without getting bored. I love each and every game in this series and particularly Modern warfare 1 and 2 and Ghosts. Even the original world war games are a classic.

2. Gears of war (Series):

I’ve spent countless hours playing this game after COD. Love the story mode, weapons, kill skills. The multiplayer is also one of the best. I particularly enjoy the horde mode. Although, the team death matches are more popular.

3. Batman Arkham (Series):

Arguably the best open world action adventure game. The story, graphics, action, missions have all been excellent and in a way redefined open world map games. The Dark Knight also looks and feels stronger and all the cool bat gadgets are awesome. Probably the only game that I enjoyed playing which doesn’t allow me to hold a gun. Can’t wait for the next episode of this franchise (Arkham Knight) to launch. Unfortunately, it’s been announced only for next gen consoles.

4. Max Payne 3

A dark and enduring character, Max Payne, is one of the best characters ever created by gaming world. Max Payne 3, takes the original games to the next level while staying true to the original games. Set in backdrop of Brazil, this is one of the bloodiest games you could play. Game play, graphics, story are simply mind blowing. The slow motion attack is still the best in this game.

5. Red Dead Redemption

A Wild West gun slinger game and one of its kind. Open world maps and loads of side missions will keep the gamer involved. Horses, guns and girls….who could say no to that?!! The story is epic and feels like you are in a movie with Clint Eastwood. Truly entertaining and hours and hours of game play.

6. Alan Wake

The best psychological thriller I’ve ever played. Great story line, back ground score and layouts are scary at times. Immersive game play and will keep the player hooked till the end. I wonder if Hollywood would ever make a movie based on this game. The sequel, American night mare, is a tad disappointing, but still worth a shot. It’s a DLC available via Xbox live store.

7. Lara Croft Tomb Raider (2013)

A story of the making of Lara Croft. How she has become the Tomb Raider that we have all known her to be. The story line is very impressive and loads of action. Once again an open world game with loads of side missions and areas to explore. The layout is fantastic and the story line is simply awesome. Lara Crofts character along with all the other mystical characters in the game are a joy to watch. I would say it’s the best of Arkham Knight and Unchartered combined.

8. Resident evil 5:

I usually do not enjoy survival horror games, but this one deviates from the pack. I would classify this more as an action adventure genre than a survival horror. Ammo is available freely and don’t have to stress trying to conserve ammunition. The game also allows two player campaign and can be continued without the second player. It does have its horror moments but overall an action packed game.

9. Assassins creed (Series)

Starting from AC 1, I’ve enjoyed all the games until Revelations. I didn’t play the black flag, Unity and Rouge, for which the reviews weren’t great either. Customisable weapons, Great open world maps, side missions, back drop, all make AC one of the best series ever created.

10. Castlevania (Lord of the shadows):

The 1986 classic re-mastered for the modern day console gaming, has one of the best story lines and characters. The dark nature and loads of boss fights make it one of the most memorable games I’ve played. The game play is quite good to keep the player immersed for hours. Although the choice of weapons is limited, add on to weapons, combo skills are quite good.


I know, I know. There’s no Halo or Mass effect or The Witcher or Far Cry and likes in that list. But hey! These are the games I liked most. What did you enjoy playing most? Share your thoughts in the comments.

  • E

    Nice list! Ive played Lara Croft and some Assassin’s Creed on PS3. Love the gameplay of both, plus… they’re just aesthetically beautiful games.

    • veeru789

      Never really liked PS3 mainly coz of the controller. 🙂
      But true both epic games

      • E

        I feel the same way about ALL controllers. In fact, a big part of whether I like a game is how clunky the controls and UI are to navigate during gameplay. I’m an old school PC gamer at heart and I’ll always prefer a full qwerty with a number pad for any gaming scenario.

        • veeru789

          I prefer the console to PC. And I think the 360 had the best controller. Don’t understand why they had to change it for the one