Time To Upgrade Your Machine Master?


Over 0n our sister site UTBBlogs.com we did a couple of posts about using a sports band with our BlackBerry phones. Author nnik did a post comparing the Fitbit with the Garmin vívosmart. Yours truly did a post about setting up and using the vívosmart with my BlackBerry BB10 phone*.

One of the minor complaints I have had with the vívosmart is the need to wear a cardio strap for heart rate recording. Garmin today announced the vívosmart HR with a built in heart rate monitor. If you use a sports band as your machine master, you will want to keep an eye on this new vívosmart. According to the Web page, it is available for preorder today however, as of this post Amazon (USA) does have it available for preorder. Garmin has the price listed at $149.99 USD. On the specs tab they list 5 days for battery life.

*Please note the latest Garmin Connect for Android app does complain about not having Google Play services on my BB10 phone. However, it only did it the first time I ran it and has never done it again. Your mileage may vary.


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  • jrohland

    There is a typo in the article. It should have said Amazon does NOT have it available. Please forgive that mistake on my part.

  • chris

    Hi, I was wondering something. I workout on a fairly regular basis. I’ve wanted a device like this for sometime, however, I would just like to use the information for my own personal logs and goals. In otherwords…I don’t want to “share” my vitals and mapping info with anyone. With the vivosmart, do I have a choice on what or whom my location and vitals are shared with? I’m asking because it has networking and sharing features I most likely not use.
    Thanks in advance.

  • jrohland

    Hi Chris,

    The privacy settings exist in the Garmin Connect Web site:

    You can indeed block nearly everything from everyone. However, it all goes to Garmin and you can’t stop that. I don’t know what Garmin does with your data. Here is a link to the Garmin Connect privacy policy:

    One reason I use a BlackBerry phone is to control my privacy. I am pretty comfortable with the controls Garmin gives me.