The Nintendo Playstation

The 90’s… the golden era of my life, I say that, cause at the moment, I’m 36, so the 90’s were my teenage years! Flashback to then and you know you were doing something right if you had a Nintendo or Sega gaming system. Out came the Super Nintendo and that separated casual gamers to EXTREME gamers. Who could downplay Super Mario World? Mario Bros., in and of itself, is legendary! The Sega system was no slouch itself. I remember playing Joe Montana Football, Shinobi, Sonic The Hedgehog and a slew of other games. Now, everyone always wants to upgrade and make “the next big thing” when it comes to gaming.

Thanks to our friends at Engadget, we have to wonder “what could have been?” There is a picture of a Nintendo Play Station. Sony and Nintendo were apparently working together to add cd-rom functionality to the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). There would apparently be a system from Sony, that would play SNES cartridges, along with their own games on discs. From what legend tells, Nintendo announced a partnership with Sony rival Phillips for their CD-ROM device at the same CES that Sony announced their Nintendo-centric Playstation.

What could’ve been??? We might not have a Sony game system right now… Thank you Nintendo, for your choices!

  • undbiter65

    Good lord this would’ve been a killer console!