The New Canon EOS-1D X Mark II

Canon have released their new professional spec DSLR, the mighty EOS-1D X Mark II, boasting 14 frames per second (fps) with full AF/AE tracking and 16 fps in Live View mode – ideal for capturing high-speed subjects, whether in the wild, or at world-class sporting events.

EOS-1D X Mark II EF 35mm USM FRT

A new 20.2 MP full frame CMOS sensor and new Al Servo AF III+, as well as 4K video capture up to 60p.

A wide and versatile ISO range – an incredible 100 to 51200, expandable from 50 up to 409600 – the EOS-1D X Mark II excels in all lighting environments, from the brightest through to near darkness!


An improved 61-point AF system with 41 cross-type AF points, which covers an expanded area and focuses under low light up to -3EV.

It also includes new AI Servo AF III+ that improves the tracking sensitivity in scenes where subject movements may occur suddenly, such as animals moving quickly through the wild or a fast moving vehicle coming out of a corner on a race track.


A new 360k RGB+IR metering sensor, providing accurate exposure and improved subject detection. Flicker Detection, as originally introduced in the EOS 7D Mark II, also guarantees consistent results under artificial lights – perfect for indoor sporting events.

With the new CFast 2.0 card capability, the camera can deliver a burst of unlimited JPEGs or 170 RAW images in continuous high speed shooting , you have the speed to capture top quality images without having to worry when the camera will start buffering!


A newly refined mirror construction utilises a new drive mechanism to empower high speed shooting, with minimal mirror vibration or noise, great for long exposures minimising camera shake.

Canon’s heritage in 4K movies culminates in the EOS-1D X Mark II, giving film-makers the option of shooting 4K (4096×2160) in a variety of frame rates up to 60fps to the CFast 2.0™ card. It also enables Full HD (1920x1080p) movie shooting at an incredible 120fps, ideal for slow motion scenes. Decisive moments from a 60fps 4K scene can be extracted as a high resolution 8.8MP still, giving you even more control over the exact moment of capture.


Film-makers can enjoy fast and smooth AF in 4K and Full HD shooting thanks to Canon’s Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology and Movie Servo AF, while the touch panel LCD enables you to quickly select AF points when shooting movies.

Built-in GPS records shooting locations in EXIF data, helping pros keep an accurate record of their shoots. Both Ethernet wired LAN and SuperSpeed USB 3.0 give you the choice of how images are shared – via FTP or direct to computers. Additionally, the new WFT-E8 wireless file transmitter¹ also supports the high-speed standard 802.11ac.


Weather proofing makes it resilient against the elements, ideal for outdoor shoots. The Intelligent Viewfinder II provides approximately 100% field of view, with an electronic overlay of shooting information meaning you never have to move your eye away from the viewfinder.
The EOS-1D X Mark II will be available from May 2016 with an RRP of £5,199.99/€6,999.99/$7,599.99

Now all I need is for Brad and the guys to have a whip round and a quick delve down the back of the sofas and car seats so that I can get one of these beasts and review it for you all!

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  • james pisano

    Wow! I’m not even a photog and I can tell that is a Beast!!! And only $8,000 US? What a bargain! Lol. I don’ even know what half the shit you said means Grim!

    One question: do professional photogs use manual or automatic modes when taking pictures?

    • Shock horror!
      We need some control over the camera! As good as they are they can’t be trusted to be right all the time. I work with aperture or shutter priority most of the time so that I can tweak depending on what I’m shooting, fully manual in the studio!

      • james pisano

        So Grim. You’re implying most photogs shooting outside a studio would use some automatic features?

        This is really above my head cause I know little about it, but as I recall, my Dad’s Canon AE1 had a full auto or full manual mode. (I think I may grab that camera from him just for fun since he never uses it anymore.)

        • I had an AE1! Great camera!
          Using aperture or shutter priority is semi automatic, each one will give you control over either the shutter speed or the aperture, for something like motor sport you need as fast shutter speed as possible to capture the image sharply, things like landscapes you are after Depth of field so would want control over the lens aperture.

    • Shock horror!
      As good as the cameras are now you still can’t trust them to as get perfect pictures, that’s why pro’s are pro’s, they know what to do in difficult situations, I mainly shoot in aperture or shutter priority depending on the situation but in studio environment it’s manual all the way, complete control!