No, this isn’t the old hover board April fools joke that was circulating around the internet years ago.  The Hendo hover board is the real deal (sort of).    There is a clear caveat to this unequivocally fantastic piece of future tech.  There is a need for a metal surface underneath the hover board for it to work hover.   Yes, the Hendo relies on the power of magnetism, but regardless all the technical specification’s aside. This is really cool device with a myriad of potential uses.  Unfortunately, I cannot see this being useful to the general public for a long time.  This technology currently exists in differing forms.  One such use is Maglev trains.  The prototype also has no propulsion or steering mechanisms so you effectively just  float around.  Hendo has made it clear they are working on propulsion, steering, and a way to stabilize the ride. I  personally would die to get my hands on one of these, but not only is the prototype 10,000 dollars they are also all accounted for and just out of arms reach.  I’ll have my eyes peeled on this company so I can finally go out in to the streets and proclaim to every one I see saying Welcome To The World of Tomorrow! slider-1 e01759d3f6e07cd95223c7ce261b2314_large

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