Tanky Drone. Ready To Fly Racing At Its Best.

There’s a lot of drones out there. Toy grade, FPV, racing,  sport flyers, photography platforms, and many that blur and/or combine categories for better or worse. Well something came across the desks here at UTB Geek that just jumped out at me as filling a gap that many sport flyers such as myself can identify with.



It’s called Tanky, and it looks awesome! Why? Well to me it represents the first out of the box RTF (ready to fly) racing quadcopter that simplifies the whole hobby/sport with no compromise.

It’s blisteringly fast, simply designed, and packed with features to get you up and running in the exploding hobby of FPV (first person view) drone racing, and as I said it comes fully ready with everything you need.

Its 202mm carbon fiber frame size is nice and compact, and the thermoplastic covers do a great job of protecting the ESCs along with cooling them with air directly through the slots on top. Nice innovation, simplified and clean looking!


The front facing FPV camera is remotely tiltable up and down and is controlled by the included Tango TX (transmitter). This is important because the angle of the camera needs to be straight when hovering, and pointed up when the quad leans in to the wind at high speed. This makes sure that the pilot sees what is directly in front of them at all times.


The Tango TX is a fully featured and ergonomically designed unit with built-in FPV screen. Tanky’s 5.8ghz tiltable camera can display to this screen so that you can fly around even without the usual goggles you see people wearing. Of course goggles are preferred for racing because the screen inside is not affected by sunlight and appears larger, but for casual to semi-serious flying you can’t beat it, and it’s designed by Team Black Sheep. If you know anything about those guys you’ll know it’s good kit.



I love flying quads. I currently have toy and sport models at about 170 and 370mm frame sizes respectively. The sport model I have is a Traxxas Aton which is a ridiculous amount of fun and reaches over 50mph. Tanky looks like the perfect way for me to get into FPV racing without having to build one from scratch. There are those that want to build from a kit, but I just want to fly and this looks like just the ticket.


Above is a comparison between Tanky and an extremely popular 250mm sized racer called the ZMR250. Notice the difference in size and therefore weight. With similar motors and props, which one do you think is more agile? ‘Nuff said.

Check out the Kickstarter page here.


The Tanky team of Bogdan, Yuki, and Christopher are offering three different ways to get into Tanky FPV racing. RTF (ready to fly including Tango TX), BNF (bind and fly where you provide your own TX), and the Pro Pack where you supply motors, ESC and TX.

Don’t want to build your own? Don’t want to fiddle with and tune PIDs for hours? Just want to fly?

Check out Tanky. Looks like a winner!

Dave’s off to go flying now…