Superbook by Andromium Kickstarter Survey Sent to Backers

The Superbook smashed it’s Kickstarter backing goal, and backers are itching to get their hands on their devices. Andromium has today sent out the survey letting backers finalize their orders.

The Superbook by Andromium turns your Android cell phone in to a laptop. While many of us have been aching for a dumb tablet, Andromium did something better, and released a “dumb laptop”. With this product, you get all the essentials of a laptop. The screen, touchpad, keyboard, all in a nice little package that no one would mistake for anything other than a laptop. The genius behind it, is that it actually runs off of your android smartp$99hone. All your smartphone apps, your smartphone connectivity, all on a larger screen with a full keyboard. There will be no more hoping that your laptop will connect to the coffee shop’s wifi with the Superbook.

The Superbook was offered on Kickstarter and smashed it’s funding goal, adding and achieving several stretch goals along the way. The introductory price of the Superbook was a very affordable $99, with several add ons offered. Backers that got in on the Kickstarter, but failed to add any of those options on, (that would be me) now have the option to do so. They can even add more Superbooks at the Kickstarter price.

Additionally, those that missed the Kickstarter can now pre-order the device at the non-Kickstarter, yet still very affordable, price of $109.

Backers, be sure and check your email for the survey. Not a backer but want one yourself? Click here.