The Simple Idea of Kii RING

The best ideas are often the simplest of ideas. Enter the Kii RING

I’ve developed an addiction to Kickstarter. For a gadget junkie like myself, I can’t think of a better place to go exploring for new and interesting ideas.

More often than not, the ideas are intricate pieces of technology, where I’m left wondering if it will actually work or not. I’m generally pretty convinced the ideas will work, but they probably won’t work very well. The Kii RING is nothing like this.

It doesn’t get much simpler than the Kii RING. In reality, the spelling is probably the hardest part of the product. The Kii RING, is a key ring. You know the classic key ring. That thumbnail breaking little loop of metal that you must engage in epic battle to get your key on it. And once it’s on, you’ll never get it back.

The Kii RING saves you from the epic battle. In the most simple way. In the most genius way. The Kii Ring has a tab. It has a tab that you can lift with your finger, or even the key that you’re placing on the ring. Did I mention it’s a simple idea? Did I mention it’s a genius idea?

The Kii RING may just be the most affordable product I’ve seen on Kickstarter. The pledge levels start at $7. And for $7, you’re not getting a thank you email or a case or skin for the Kii RING. You’re actually getting the Kii RING. In fact, you’re getting two of them.


I think I’ll be signing up for the Kii RING Combo. Head here to check it out yourself. Now, let’s see what they can do with a paper clip!

  • nnik