Samsung Belts Wearables with the WELT

Samsung has introduced a new wearable on Kickstarter. This time, it’s a belt. What?

Yesterday I told you about a new wearable that is hidden away in an everyday looking pair of eye glasses. The idea of a wearable hiding away in something we wear everyday intrigued me. Until I saw Samsung’s WELT.

The WELT is a belt. A belt that is a wearable. Wearable + Belt = WELT. I see what they did there. I’m really not impressed.

The WELT does four things. It will monitor the user’s waste size, track their steps, monitor sitting time, and monitor overeating (as shown in the video when the gluttonous sap has to loosen his belt). All while looking fashionable. Or casual. Depending on what WELT you purchase.


Other wearable standards such as sleep tracking and alerts seem to be missing from the WELT. This is of course, understandable. I mean, who wears their belt to bed? And I can just imagine he odd looks you’d get if your belt let out a little hum during a meeting.

To jump on the Kickstarter’s very limited Super Early Bird reward package you’ll need to slap down $99. After 200 of those puppies are gone, the next step is $129. Depending on the belt you choose and on how many people pledge for this, the prices climb all the way up to $199. I suppose Samsung has some Notes to pay for.

If you’re considering the WELT, I’d suggest you look at the myriad of other products out there first. Wearables from makers such as Fitbit and Pebble can be had for a fraction of the cost and offer much more in the way of functionality. Seriously folks, if you spend $199 on the WELT, your daddy should bring out the belt. And leave you with a few welts. See what I did there?

If you must, head here to check out the WELT by Samsung.