Roccbox : The Portable Stone Bake Pizza Oven

Are you in market for a stone bake oven but with little space to install one? Founder and creator of Roboccox  Tom Gozney bring you a dual system fast stone bake oven by either using gas or wood chips. This compact oven can reach the temperature of 500 c as little as 15 minutes and will cook your pizza in 90 seconds. Of course this is not just a pizza oven, you can cook all kinds of seafood or meat and even vegetables. The key here is stone bake flavour enhance by authentic fire wood cooking. The heat certainly help reduced the cooking time and that is a plus with hungry families and friends waiting to be fed.This portable oven for now will set you back at $489 USD but hurry up, the crowd funding for this price is quickly claimed as the sliding price will go up to $559. Roccbox has gone 7 times over  the original goal of  $100000. For more information click here. Take a look at the introduction of Roccbox oven below.


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