Revols Custom-Fit Earphones

How many pairs of earphones have you gone through so far? Many of us spend quite a bit on a pair of earphones to get the best sounds out of our devices but we often neglect one thing – the fitting of the earphones. Not many of us can afford a pair of custom fit earphones like professional musicians; the average cost starts at $1000. A long came a couple of Montrealers to kickstart the Revols Custom-Fit Earphones. This bluetooth earphones promised to mold into your ears in 60 seconds, making your own custom-fit earphones! The developers easily reached their $100,000 funding goal. Their “Early Bird” price is all sold out but you can still get them for $214. Partnering with Onkyo engineer, these ear phones will retail for $399 and are expected to ship around September this year. Check out the video and hit the link for your preorder.


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