Raspberry Bye? Omega2 offers full WiFi-enabled IoT Linux computer for just $5!

You’ve no doubt heard of the Raspberry Pi, a credit card-sized single-board computer designed for home electronics projects, or its rival Arduino. Now, however, there is a newcomer to the Internet of Things (or IoT) space – the Omega2.


Currently nearing the end of its one-month run on KickStarter, the Omega2 is a complete Linux computer combining “the tiny form factor and power-efficiency of the Arduino, with the power and flexibilities of the Raspberry Pi” and including both integrated WiFi and on-board Flash storage – with a near-unbelievable $5 price tag!

According to the Omega2 KickStarter page, the Omega2 will spring to life as soon as it is powered on, offering an interface similar to a full-fledged Linux PC. The Omega2 runs a wide variety of apps and offers an App Store to allow users to discover more. Particularly adventurous users can even be the Store to upload their own apps built using the Omega2’s Software Development Kit (SDK).

The Omega2 can be programmed in a variety of different programming languages including Ruby, NodeJS, C++, Python, and PHP, and is seamlessly integrated with the Onion Cloud. This allows you to remotely control it from anywhere in the world via an intuitive Web UI or RESTful APIs. You can also view the status of your Omega2 in real-time, and deploy software updates to it when it is in the field.

Omega2 has already met it’s $15,000 target (at the time of writing, the project has received $489,558 in pledges!!), and there are just four days remaining before the KickStarter ends. There’s still enough time to get your hands on an Omega2 of your own, and you’ll have to be quick!

There are a variety of options available, along with a host of addons from docks for power, or Arduino compatibility, OLED screen and servo expansions to 3-axis accelerometers – there is even a Starter Kit on offer which includes the Omega2, wires, a wall-charger, LEDs, resistors, buttons and much more – all you’ll need to get started on your own project.

It sounds like the Omega2 has everything it needs to be an amazing little bit of kit – if you have any interest in the IoT, programming or home automation, you’ll definitely want to add your pledge!

If you decide to back the Omega2 KickStarter (you can find out more details about it from the KickStarter page here), tell us in the comments below!


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