Playstation 4 vs. Xbox One: The Debate

Ok, here goes, the PS4 vs. Xbox One debate! Both, individually, offer over 100 titles for their respective systems.

Head-to-head: the Xbox One seems to upscale graphics, whereas the PS4 usually renders titles at a higher quality and consistently offers 1080p resolution.

Apps: I know, you’re not going to buy a gaming console for the apps, but the Xbox One is meant to be used as an “entertainiment hub” if you will. That being said, the Xbox one has better apps.

Streaming: Both devices offer streaming services. You can stream games when you buy into the different tiers they offer. Xbox One also allows for streaming without any added services cost, as long as you have a Netflix account or something similar.

Controllers: The PS4 controller is a lot smaller and weighs a lot less than the Xbox One controller. The PS4 controller also includes a touch panel in the middle of the controller. The PS4 controller wins this battle.

Design: The PS4 has a sleek, lightweight and doesn’t look bulky at all. The Xbox One looks like an old VCR or some sort of device that was made prior to this generations tech gadgetry. PS4 wins this battle as well…

Ports and Storage: Ports are difference maker here. Xbox One and PS4. Microsoft packed an IR Blaster and two HDMI inputs into the One, thus allowing you to connect the console to satellite boxes and cable TV. Both consoles do tout a camera and ethernet port, though, as well as two USB inputs.

Another differntiating factor is storage. Both systems are equipped with a 500gb capacity hard drive. The Xbox One give syou 362gb of usable or free storage after you account for the operating system. The PS4 meanwhile, only uses up 93gb of space, leaving you 407gb at your disposal. PS4 also allows you to replace the internal harddrive, something that will void your warranty if you choose to do so in an Xbox One. PS4 takes that battle on this segment.

Initial Setup: The PS4 wins this debate hands down. Even if you take the hooking up of your cable service to the Xbox One, the install process is a little easier on the PS4. Both systems will require an update to their firmware upon turning them on and connecting them to the internet. One would also have to learn how to use and speak with Xbox One’s Kinect, which takes a little while and can also be confusing. Sony’s menus are intuitive and easy to get a hold of what they do and how they work. PS4 wins here.

Additional Peripherals: Sony allows for one to purchase a camera at a later date and for a smaller cost: $60 for the Playstation 4 Eye, which offers some nice gesture controls through the Move integration, but the contest isn’t really one. The new Kinect for the XBox One goes above and beyond. It’s not just gesture controls. The voice commands are built in and necessary for the Xbox One interface. Along with the camera’s multpiple imaging functions, it can be used as a tool, especially when using the Xbox One as an exercise too. It can accurately judge movements, estimate one’s heart rate, judge how flush your skin is and a whole lot more. Winner of this battle: Xbox One, hands down

User Interface: The PS4’s interface is quite simple and is designed to be easily accessible. Anyone should be able to figure it out in a matter of seconds. But that’s just it, it’s easily accessible and easy to figure out, but there lacks a customization feature to it. Now, the counter point to that is the Xbox One’s user interface, which is a lot more complex, yet robust and functional. Built on Windows 8’s moder UI, it takes a few uses and clicks to get accustomed to. But once you get your hands dirty and even use the Kinect’s voice command utilization, you’ll get it down in no time. Winner: Xbox One

Network Services: Playstation 4 has Playstation Plus, which is $49 per year. Xbox Live costs $59 a year. Playstation wins by $10.

Games: There are pretty much the same titles available for both consoles, Xbox One does have Halo, Titanfall and a few others. Whereas PS4 has Destiny and The Order: 1886, Uncharted, The Last of Us and a few other independent titles. To me, I’ll give the nod to Xbox One, they get DLC (Downloadable Content) a lot sooner than Playstation 4, sometimes months in advance.

Price: We’ll go with the stand-alone variety of each operating system here.
PS4: There is a $399.98 stand-alone version of the Ps4. There is also a bundle that includes The Last of Us and a bonus controller for $399. For $449.98 you can pre-order the Limited Edition Batman Arkham Knight console bundle, which releases on June 23rd.

Xbox One: Right now, you can find an Xbox One for $349 that is the stand-alone variety, or you could just pick a bundle that is the same $349 that includes Halo: Masterchief Edition. There is also an Xbox One which includes Kineck that raises the price to $498

The winner here: I’ll let you and your wallet decide!

Xbox One vs. Playstation 4
Xbox One vs. Playstation 4
  • veeru789

    Great post. But I disagree on few things. Controller is bigger and heavier and that’s why it’s better. Gives a firm grip and the dual shocks actually feel good when playing action adventure games.
    Second, coming from 360 the UI of the one doesn’t feel confusing at all. And kinect is way better than what ever P’S has. Kinect will also do face recognition to sing users in. It’s quite cool.

  • Kris

    the Xbox One has better game lineup this holiday season where the PS4 shines at feature like suspend/resume and game streaming.