Peace of Furniture: This Kickstarter Project Blends Mythology, Design, and Beauty

Kickstarter project offers a calming and beautiful piece of furniture.

Combine Greek mythology, the power of magnets, mechanical engineering, an artistic aesthetic, mobile technology, post-modern design, and a zen-like execution and you get this table. Designer Bruce Shapiro packed quite a lot into one little piece of furniture, but he has refined it after decades of research and development. He finally debuted this opus on Kickstarter. It received 1642% of its goal of $50,000 to date and still has 20 days to go.

I think his table struck a chord…


Shapiro has taken inspiration from the Greek tale of Sisyphus, a man cursed to roll the same boulder up the same hill, only to never reach the satisfying apex. However, hisis artwork does not build frustration. Instead, it allows the story to evolve into one of continuing peace, studied patience, calm resolve. His permanent sand installations are found worldwide. Now, through Kickstarter, people can add the peace-evoking sculptures in their homes.

Shapiro’s Sisyphus uses magnets to create perpetual art with kinetic energy. The magnets push a small bearing through a field of sand. Each drag creates a new line to build or change the art before the viewers’ eyes. With an app to control settings of the table, the furniture includes a connectivity that brings it into the IoT world.



See more by visiting Shapiro’s Kickstarter. Just…use a coaster.


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