Onewheel: the self-balancing electric skateboard that gives you the feeling of flying

In response to my unfortunate duplicate post about the Hendo hoverboard.  Here is something equally interesting that you can actually own, and for a great deal less of your hard earned money.  It is the Onewheel self propelled electric skateboard.  That its users describe as the closest thing to a hoverboard you can actually ride.

OneWheel ran a successful kickstarter campaign.  The campaign was asking for 100,000 dollars, and by January 27th 2014 OneWheel had secured 630,862 dollars! I’d call that an overwhelming response if I’ve ever saw one. The makers of the Onewheel claim to use the latest tech to fuel their aptly named Onewheel, and looking at the specifications that certainly looks to be true.

The battery driving this board is a whopping 48 Volt Lithium Nano-phosphate battery that’s said to give you a range of 4-6 miles or 6-10km if you live anywhere other than the USA.   Charging this massive battery takes 2 hours with the standard charger or 20 minutes if you opt to get the ultra charger.

The motor that powers the Onewheel is housed inside the wheel hub.  It is a 500W (continuous) hub motor with direct drive that has a max speed of 20km/h.  This sounds like a lot of power  for a one wheeled electric skateboard, but Onewheel make it very clear they have a onboard controller the employs a balancing algorithm the have been working on for years. Referencing the videos they have available sure seem to have near perfected it, although research and development will continue.

All of this hi-end tech is housed inside a precision CNC machined  slab of 6061 aluminum for maximum strength while maintaining a light weight.  The deck is made of high quality maple, the same as skateboards.  This whole package weighs in at a respectable 25 pounds.

Because of the overwhelming response from the kickstarter, Onewheel  will also be constructing a iPhone and Android App that will have a tutorial section to teach the rider the basics as well as advanced maneuvers.  The app will also enable customization such as toggling the LED lighting system used for illuminating the underside of the board and front lights for riding in poor lighting conditions.  The app will also keep record of statistics built from you Onewheel usage.

All in all, in regards to all of the new hoverboards or electric skate boards I’ve seen emerging from the internet, the Onewheel certainly seems to have them all beat.  From having the very latest in battery tech, to having the 500 watt motor inside the wheel hub alongside their ingenious real time balancing control system.   This is one of those game changing devices that looks to create a whole new sport.  This is a company we should keep our eyes on and expect big things from  in the future.

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  • undbiter65

    Holy cow it looks sweet! It’s not aesthetically pleasing, but looks pretty sweet!