Om/One Will Have Your Tunes Flying

I thought that at this point in my life, I would be zipping off to work using my jet pack, or my flying car. I don’t. And frankly, I’m upset about it. It’s 2014, and I want my transportation to fly! But if my car won’t, at least my speakers will. Enter Om/One, a floating bluetooth speaker.


Yes, we already have bluetooth speakers in the shapes of pills and boxes, we needed a spherical speaker. Of course, a spherical speaker would run in to problems when you sit it down, and watch it roll away. Not with the Om/One though! You place it above the base, and through the science of electromagnets, the speaker will float and spin as it plays your favorite tunes. Leaving home and want to take your tunes with you, just grab your ball and head out!

The Om/One is going the crowdsourcing route, and has already topped their $100,000 goal. Don’t want to wait for the Om/One to hit store shelves? Head on over to Om/One and order one now.