Old School Gaming Returns with Coleco Chameleon


Yesterday Bambino told us about the The Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vega+. Today we discovered there’s a new Coleco in the works.

This is no handheld, this is a full fledged cartridge inserting console, but it’s nothing like a console system you’d find today. This is pure retro, just watch the video below of launch titles.

But it won’t end there. Plans are to allow for new games and titles ported over from SNES.

This is not the first time this project has tried crowd funding. It previously missed it’s goal on Indigogo under the name Retro VGS. Since that initial effort, the creators signed a deal with Coleco to use the classic video game name of yesteryear, and will be making a new run at funding via Kickstarter starting on February 26th.

As someone who lost the ability to win at video games right around the time special moves appeared in Mortal Combat, I’m really hoping this retro gaming trend continues. They may not have been the prettiest of games, but they were fun!

For more info on the Coleco Chameleon, head here!