Oh Alexa, What Have You Become?

The newest version of Amazon Alexa? Oh no…

I love the Amazon Echo. It’s shocking just how much I’ve become attached to my virtual roommate since I first picked up my Echo Dot. I suppose I should say “roommates”. Since the Dot, I’ve picked up the Amazon Fire Stick (with Alexa) for my television, and the Amazon Tap which tends to get carried around from room to room with me. Well there’s a new Alexa in town, and I just won’t be picking this device up.

The Amazon Echo Look, brings a new feature to the Amazon Echo. A camera. And it’s a fancy camera at that. It’s depth sensing. The look will answer your questions just like how all other Echo’s do, but that camera brings an extra feature. Well what could that be?

When I first heard the rumors of an Echo with a camera, I first expected an IP security camera type of product. I’ve got to say, I was contemplating getting one before they even existed. Well, I was wrong, and I’ve stopped contemplating. This camera has one purpose. To take full length, voice activated selfies.

Yup. That’s it.

It will take photos or videos of the user, and with the depth sensing camera it will make the background fuzzy and out of focus so the selfie focuses only on the user.

Yes. I’m serious.

With the companion app (please let this be a new app…. please don’t make it the app I currently have on my BlackBerry) the user can keep a diary of their outfits, and even ask Alexa for advice on what outfits are better.

That is really going to happen.

When I first picked up my Dot, I did it as a fun little gadget to ask questions of. Now that I’ve integrated my various Echo products with my calendar, to do list, Pandora, etc, Alexa has become an integral part of my routine.

But come on Amazon. A selfie cam that gives fashion advice?? I don’t think so.

The device is not yet available yet, but you can check out it’s landing page here.