No Padlock Needed With This Ingenious New Bike!

Another Indiegogo success story sees an ‘unstealable’ bicycle hit production. Introducing the Yerka, a bike that doesn’t need a lock, as it is the lock!


Something I really like about the Yerka, is that it looks like any other bicycle, and the inventors state the concept can be used on any style of bike. With the Yerka, when it’s time to lock up your bike, you don’t reach for a heavy lock or a chain, you simply take the downtube, which folds out in to two pieces, grab the seat and use it as a crossbar locking the bike to a bbike rack, fence, pole, or anything else you can think of. I know it sounds strange, but if you watch the video below, it all makes sense.

For more information on Yerka, click here  to head to their website.