Never lose the power


No, you didn’t stumble on to a DIY blog by mistake. I am going to talk about generators. Below is a brief overview of modern whole-house backup generator technology in the form of a video. Enjoy…


jrohland is and always has been a techo-geek. As a wee tot he filled nappies with core dumps. His first words were "on error goto zed". As a teen he tried to woo girls with Klingon poetry. Eventually he found people who actually appreciate his nerdiness. He hopes you appreciate it to.

  • E

    The husband is a prepper. He wants to eventually be able to sustain our life entirely off the grid. Thanks for the informative look at whole house generators. They’re a little less scary now!

  • jrohland

    I would also like to go off grid. Especially since our power company forced us to accept a “smart meter”. It’s not realistic where we live. When we retire, I will look for a place suitable for a less connected lifestyle.