Love – The World’s First Intelligent Turntable

If you are a music enthusiast , and you have a collection of vinyl albums that are more precious to than gold. Kickstarter has a new product for you. Introducing the Love Turntable. The worlds first intelligent turntable that is controlled by app on your smartphone.

With it’s initial pledge goal of $50,000 goal has far surpassed that with over $800,000.

So what does the Love turntable offer that a regular turntable doesn’t.  For starters, you can control it with your smartphone through an app. That means you can choose any track on the record without touching the needle. It is Bluetooth capable for your favorite pair of cans ( Headphones) for your private listening pleasure. It is portable, no longer do you have to lug around a clunking box that needs to be hook up to a receiver.

Plus it maintains the crackles and pops that music purist expect on vinyl. It stills has a stylus for analog sound,plays any size or speed of any record. Audiophile quality and two record bases.

If you act now with an entry pledge of $329 you will get an $270 savings off the retail price of $599.

Check out the video below to see this must have for any music lover.


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