Lexus Hovercraft: No Slide for You!

IMG_20150806_100531_editAny good geek knows that 2015 is the year of hovercraft, at least that’s what Marty McFly all led us to believe. Well, just a few days ago elite car manufacturer, Lexus, released a video of their hovercraft (aptly named “Slide”) they teased many months ago. The catch? You can’t have it. But don’t worry, it wouldn’t work at your favorite skate haunt, anyway.

This gorgeous piece of tech has been created solely to prove Lexus is the premiere in design and function. They built the prototype just to prove they could. Comprised of magnets and super-cooled superconductors, the hoverboard glides inches off the ground and even works over water.

However, it’s simply not practical for the consumer market. The superconductors are cooled through liquid nitrogen and require repeated refilling. So, no hardcore grind sessions. Oh, and the magnets…well, yeah. Their counterparts that make the craft hover are built into the specially designed skatepark featured in the video.

And yet, watching this almost-ethereal video of skate pro Ross McGouran, and friends, enjoy this intriguing experience is enough to make any geek hope that maybe, just maybe, we are one Slide closer to the consumer hovercraft that 2015 once prromised.



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