UTB Geek Hands on Review: Kii Ring

Last week I wrote about the Kickstarter Project, the Kii RING. This week, I get my hands on them.

Last week I stumbled across an interesting little project on Kickstarter. This project is the Kii RING. As I stated in the post, the Kii RING is a simple idea. So simple, I can’t believe it hadn’t been made before. I loved the idea, and was lucky enough that project creator Wyn Labs chose to send me some samples.

On the Kii RING Kickstarter page, Wyn Labs explains that they had three criteria to follow when creating the Kii RING.

1. Be super easy to use.

This was a resounding success. The Kii RING could not be easier to use. As I show in the video above, you can easily slide a key on with a smooth motion. To take a key off, a simple thumb press against the tab and you can easily slide the key off. All without ever having to painfully push a thumbnail in to the ring to separate the coil.

2. Be very secure

There is a reason why people have used regular key rings for ages. They hold your keys. The Kii RING is no different. The loops of metal (in this case stainless steel) requires that your keys make a full loop around the ring. The Kii RING uses the same method as any other key ring, however Wyn Labs has made it easy to use. Oops. I meant “super easy to use”

3. Look clean and function better than any other key ring.

I never thought I’d say a key ring can be sexy. The Kii RING is not your typical rounded loop of metal. The flat, shiny, stainless steel loop oozes quality. Even the branding on the ring states that this is no ordinary key ring. Of course, looking at the images online, I assumed the branding was an unnecessary addition, which would do nothing but drive up the price of the product. With it in hand, I can tell you that the branding adds a certain amount of pizzazz to the product. With an introductory price of $7.00 for two Kii RINGS, it obviously didn’t add too much to the cost.

What’s my final opinion of the Kii RING? I love it. Is it the most exciting product on Kickstarter? Of course not. It’s a key ring. But it is a product that actually works. It’s a product that we don’t have to worry about future updates, or changing technology leaving it obsolete. And most importantly, it’s a product which I will use every day.

To get in on the Kickstarter pricing now, head to the campaign page here.

** correction to the review video: The available colors for the Kii Ring are: Blue, Gold, Purple, and of course, Stainless.


  • Wayno

    These look great, such a simple idea. I think I just might order a few!!

  • Robert

    I can’t believe nobody thought of this. With all the technological advancements that we have and something as simple as this never came to mind. I even stopped using keyrings all together because of the shit my thumbs had to go through. Bravo Wyn Labs…Bravo.

  • Sipo Kapumba

    Great idea. Really easy to use. Any chance of ones with a “find me” feature? Which can be activated from a smart phone?

  • Kerry O’Brien

    how would you get a really fat key like a modern car key on there? I like the “tang ring” – it’s been around a while, I’m not sure why it hasn’t taken off. I love mine. The ring bends into the middle, so you have a little hook to put keys on and and off. Available at: http://amzn.to/2kWEeLY https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2207170cd7c583f35fe8f243f5e0c563aa5c5183b25f43e339ca444e12083238.jpg