Introducing the Lightest Metal Ever

Microlattice Resting Upon a Dandelion
Microlattice Resting Upon a Dandelion

Boeing, an aerospace manufacturer, has produced the world’s lightest metal. The metal is 99.99 percent air and is so light you can rest it upon a dandelion. The aeronautical titan claims the metal to be 100 times lighter than Styrofoam and is touting it as the future of planes and vehicles.

The design for the metal was inspired by the composition of bones, in which, though they are hollow, they are still very strong. The metal has been named “microlattice” as its made up of interconnected hollow tubes, with the walls between tubes one thousand times thinner than the average human hair.

The inspiration for 'Microlattice&
The inspiration for ‘Microlattice&

Below is a video in where scientists demonstrate it’s lightness by blowing it away and showing how it floats down almost feather like. The metal is also shown being squished and simply regaining it’s shape afterwards. See it below:

According to IBM:

“Sophia Yang, Research Scientist of Architected Materials at HRL Labs who worked with Boeing on the project, claims if wrapped around an egg the impact-absorbing properties of a Microlattice could protect it from cracking when dropped from 25 stories.”

The main application will probably be aeronautical applications.

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