Amazon’s Alexa: Intercom and Calling on New Devices


Alexa adding more capabilities for end users.

Ever since Amazon released the Amazing Alexa-powered devices, the world of Artificial Intelligence has never been the same. These devices offer exciting features, and receive constant updates that add more to them on a consistent basis. But even I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Amazon is now working on bringing intercom and telephony capabilities to their new Alexa-powered devices!

That’s right. You’ll soon be able to make phone calls via new Amazon Alexa devices like Echo and Echo Dot, as well as use them as an intercom for your home. The AI world is becoming more and more competitive, and features such as these are just some of the ways that companies like Amazon will differentiate itself and stay ahead of the competition. You can read the full article at the source listed below, and please let us know what you think about this in the comments section!




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