Gift ideas for the holiday season

Looking for ideas for gifts this holiday season? We have you covered with 10 great ideas.


BB8 Robot:
This cute little robot can be controlled by your smartphone or tablet, listens and responds to voice commands and the cool part: you can record holographic videos. Available for just US$150. Click here to order.


Xbox One :

Xbox One Gears of War Bundle

What better way to spend time with family? With backward integration, you can now play your 360 games on the latest hardware. Also, if you are a Live Gold member you can download four free games every month; 2 for Xbox 360 and 2 for the One. We wouldn’t recommend Kinect bundle as a must-have, unless you are into motion gaming. However, the new 1 TB models are available in various bundles and prices, depending on where you live.


Air Wheel:

I always wanted to try this for everyday transit. The Air Wheel is self balancing, with a top speed of 12 MPH, weighs a little under 10 kilos and can be easily carried on a public transport as well. It takes about an hour to charge and can be used on almost any surface. It’s waterproof, too! Click here to order Air Wheel.



Stay fit and stay social. In an ever-changing world of fitness trackers, Fitbit is the established brand, with a track record of quality and accuracy others are only hoping to achieve. In a variety of styles, everyone can find a Fitbit to match their lifestyle. A companion app that works on Android, BB10 and iOS allows you quick access to your stats, fun badges that tell you your progress, and the ability to challenge your friends. Counting steps has never been this much fun.


Surface Pro 4:

Surface-Pro-4-image-5_HERO-1024x576Microsoft is taking the fight to Apple with its latest Surface Pro 4 and Book launches. Extremely powerful tablet PCs with an apt screen size make them a worthy replacement of your old laptop this holiday season. The Pro 4 also comes with a redesigned keyboard with fingerprint scanner as an option. If you are like me, who just got the Surface Pro 3 and don’t want to shell out too much money for the new Pro 4 or Book, we recommend you get the Pro 4 keyboard. Its much better than the current one and works perfectly with Pro 3.


Skully :
SkullyBranded as one of the best inventions of 2014, the Skully AR1 is a cool, futuristic helmet. Although its specifically designed and marketed for bikers, it can also be a good option for long boarders. Click here to order.


Go Pro Hero 4:
You don’t have to be a professional to own a Go Pro camera. its a nice little gadget to enjoy the weekend ride into the mountains or just a swim with the family in your back yard swimming pool. The hero 4 models start at US $ 300 and upto $750 depending on what you prefer.


Home Boat Quadcopter Drone:
Drones are cool. They are one of those geek toys that everyone enjoys playing with. There are tons of models available on Amazon, some you can control with your smart phone and some with a remote. We recommend the Home Boat model available on Amazon.


Silver Edition BlackBerry Passport:


What’s a gift list without a smartphone? The BlackBerry Passport is arguably the best smart phone to date. Tons of native functionality coupled with a battery that almost never dies and security to give you peace of mind, the Silver edition tops of list of smart phone gifts. This holiday season, you can grab one for just US$450. Make no mistake, a BlackBerry will satisfy your inner geek as it is a productive powerhouse. There is always something to learn; a keyboard short cut or some hidden native functionality.


BlackBerry Priv:


Another smartphone in the list for those of you who prefer apps over native functionality, the BlackBerry priv offers the best of both worlds – a slider phone with BlackBerry security built in. Although its not as secured as a BlackBerry 10, it’s the best Android available in todays market.

So there you go – a few gift ideas for this holiday season. Do you have something else in mind? Sound off in the comments!