Get Active with the TomTom Spark GPS Watch

This TomTom Multi-Sport GPS Watch is everything a active enthusiast could hope for.

The TomTom Spark GPS Watch retails at $249.99 , which is a little on the high end. The saying you get what you pay for applies to this watch.

What separates this watch from others in the category are these features.

Weather and waterproof: The watch can record your stroke and pace while swimming. Maybe you can be the next Michael Phelps .

Biking Function: The TomTom has a biking function for those training for the Tour De France. You can even equip it to your bike .

Race against yourself: It also has a function that you can race against your past runs and tell you how fast you are going.

Altimeter: There is an altimeter feature when you are conquering those mountains in your life.images (41)

You can do all this plus have space to load 500 songs you can download and train to. So whatever your sport or hobby you have a music track for your life. Oh, I almost forgot, it can tell time and has a freaking GPS. So you can’t get lost or lose track of time. This all comes with a one touch button control for easy use.



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