Furbo : Treat -Tossing Dog Camera

Ever wonder what your dog is doing while you are at work, school or away for a weekend? Beyond a doggie cam, Furbo is also a treat dispenser for your furry friend. You can remotely treat your pet, use the two-way voice interaction, capture pictures and videos or live stream. It even has a barking alert with night vision ability. Call your dog attention to Furbo with one swipe on your mobile phone, it tosses the treat towards your pet. Great to train your dog’s behaviour too. It also has a 4X zoom that allow you to look closer at your pet. The crowd sourcing is sitting at $193000, almost 4 times the initial goal of $50000 with 19 days left to go. The developer is base in Seattle Washington. Those who live in the US will get free shipping and other countries shipping rate varies. Currently there is only a few US$99 pledge left. For more information or to pledge your support for Furbo, head over to Indiegogo site  .


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