Ford Patents a Unicycle

via Ford
via Ford

Ford was recently granted a patent for a rather odd addition to your daily driver. A single wheeled unicycle, which makes use of one of the vehicles wheels.

The patent is called “Self-Propelled Unicycle Engagable with Vehicle” and has a do it yourself aspect to it. The driver would park their car, jack it up, and remove a wheel which has an electric motor stored inside. The driver would then remove the seat assembly from the back of the vehicle, let’s just hope it’s not too heavy and folds up nicely, sets it on the wheel, makes the connections, and zips off.


I believe the concept is for ease of travel in congested areas, perhaps for those that commute in to large cities. Personally, I can’t imagine this as a daily task. The unicycle itself though, looks like it would be a lot of fun. Here’s hoping Ford offers the scooter as a standalone product.

Source: CNet

  • Greg

    I agree, a stand-alone product makes much more sense. I would imagine it makes use of similar technology to the Segway.