Ford Builds Hammock for Babies that Mimics a Ride in a Car

You read it right. Ford has built a hammock that relaxes babies by simulating a ride in a car. It seems that every baby has a stage when the only thing that relaxes them is a ride in a car.

The hammock has the sound of a driving car engine while mimicking the lights of the car. For some reason babies fell asleep to this. With this crib, you as parent will not have to wake up in the middle of the night and take your baby for a drive around the street.

The hammock developed by Ford and presented at this stage at the concept level is not only impressively designed, it also features a speaker system, LED lights and a base that gently moves and simulates the movement of the vehicle. All this in order to simulate a sense of travel and make your baby fall asleep. Watch a video of Ford’s concept in Spain.