fitbit Customer Service goes Above and Beyond

fitbit Blaze

Back in March of this year I wrote about my new fitbit Blaze. At first I was skeptical, I hadn’t worn anything on my wrist for 8 years since buying my first BlackBerry. But I hung in there, checking my stats and charging every other night. I participated in a few ‘Workweek Challenges’ with fitbiters from all over the world (even managed to do 28,000 steps in a day!). Now that I live near a trailhead, I’ve been taking the dog for a brisk 2 mile walk every morning. I’ve been going over my step goal most days so I was thinking of increasing it by 20% – but then it happened!Sunday night I plugged the Blaze into the cradle to charge overnight, but Monday morning it wasn’t charged. I tried switching outlets, even gently scraped the metal leads but nothing worked. I just got off the phone with fitbit customer support. Wendy, their oh-so-helpful CSR, had informed me that the Blaze is not waterproof and is only slightly water resistant. So showering with the fitbit was a definite no-no. So instead of giving up showering I will simply remove my Blaze beforehand. But the good news is fitbit is going to send me a free replacement!! How often does a company rise to that level of service? I was actually prepared for a fight but evil Rob never had to come out. The new unit should arrive next week and when it does I’ll be as happy as a pig in s*#t.

While I’m aware there are many wearables to chose from why not buy one that actually practices the term ‘Customer Service’?

In addition to their great support they have a fantastic selection running from basic models to ones with all the bells and whistles.




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