File push tech comes to camera tech


Does it sometimes feel like camera technology stopped just before the rest of the world adopted cloud, mobile, push and Wi-Fi file transfer methods? The good news is cameras are finally getting there. However, many of us have cams a few years old. We don’t have the convenience of picture file push technologies.

A few companies saw this opportunity and created a solution. The one I use is from Eye-Fi. It is a memory card with Wi-Fi built in. It is not up to the level of current communications tech, but it does work pretty well. Watch my video below to see a short introduction to the Eye-Fi Pro memory card.

For me there are two main problems with this card:

  1. It is unable to use the Hotspot feature of my phone. This did work at one time but between updates to the phone and the Eye-Fi firmware, it stopped working. This means I can no longer send photos from anywhere with just my phone unless I use the Android app. I don’t like the Android app so I don’t use it.
  2. The card used to allow Hotspots which required authentication, such as hotels. That feature was removed for some reason.

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jrohland is and always has been a techo-geek. As a wee tot he filled nappies with core dumps. His first words were "on error goto zed". As a teen he tried to woo girls with Klingon poetry. Eventually he found people who actually appreciate his nerdiness. He hopes you appreciate it to.

  • Robert

    Thanks for taking the time to share this. I’m interested if can you set it up to use your phone as the wifi connection?

    I’ve shared this with a friend

    • jrohland

      Robert, I did address this in the post. For me, I was able to use my BlackBerry’s Hotspot until BB10.3.2 came out. After that, it no longer works. There is an Android app which runs fine on my Passport but I don’t like the app.

      There are other manufacturers making these cards and some take a different approach. I recommend you research those before choosing Eye-Fi.

      Possible the Eye-Fi will work great with the Priv, if you plan to get that phone.

      • Robert

        Just re-read and caught it. Thanks for clarifying the OS compatibility.

  • Great article and getting posted to my channel!
    I have looked a little into these and found they do work with a CF adapter, all be it a little slower but I guess that’s the price you have to pay!

  • veeru789

    Great post! Would you recommend the new cameras that have in built cloud and WiFi capabilities over this? Looks to be a bit slower. And if the WiFi isn’t available do they automatically back up when Wifi is available?

    • jrohland

      Veeru, I would recommend a more modern camera if it meets your needs and budget. Yes it will download all files it had not already sent when it connects to a known Wi-Fi.