Say What? Ear Buds Translate Foreign Languages

Bringing new communication technology to ear buds.

MWC2017… It’s where we got to see the unveiling of the latest and greatest BlackBerry Secured Android handset, the KEYone. But MWC isn’t just about awesome smartphones. In 2016, Waverly Labs garnered some pretty sizable buzz when they announced that they were working on Ear Buds that could translate foreign languages. Fast forward to MWC 2017, and it has now become a reality. Pilot, the name of Waverly Labs Ear Buds, has been designed to translate other languages in real time so that you can easily chat with foreigners. The way it works is that you have to use the two earbuds in tandem with a smartphone app developed by Waverly Labs that uses machine learning technology to translate between languages. The app is available on the Google Play Store for Android, and the Apple App Store for iOS.

Now, in order for it to be able to translate conversations between two individuals, both must be wearing a Pilot Ear Bud. When one of the two individuals involved begins to speak, the Ear Bud records what they say, and then sends it to their smartphone via Bluetooth connection.  Once the smartphone app translates the recorded speech, it then plays it in the other individuals Ear Bud, in their native language. Now how cool is that! The app will also display the conversation your smartphone screen, and it will even play the translation via your smartphones speakerphone if you happen to lose the Ear Bud, or if you just don’t want to wear it.

Anyone else besides me think that this is cooler than an iced-cold soft drink on a hot summer’s day? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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