Dualo (du touch S) : The New Musical Instrument for All – Kickstarter

Dualo or du touch S is a musical instrument ten-year in the making. It can be fund and educational for the music novice. It’s quite a need gadget pack into a portable device. Whether it’s use as stand alone musical instrument or creating your own music and composing wherever you want. It has 52 instrument sounds, 3 octave and a battery last 8 hours.Plug in your head phones or speakers directly. Guitar, piano, bass, percussion, electro, 7 track looper, upload your own loop, upload and sculpt your own sounds and share. It can connect to your computer to share and updates. The crowd fund sitting at $110000 way past the initial goal of $57000 with 26 days to go. You can back this instrument for €399. Visit the site by clicking here. Check out the clips below and see how it works. Please note the Kickstarter project is for du touch S the white colour 3-octave version. The original version is black and has 5-octave. Unfortunately the original version is now out of stock. Here is the company site should you want to find out when the original version will be available.


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