Drink Pee With Solar Power


Do you want to drink water that was made from urine? Because now you can!

No, that’s not a sales pitch for the world’s worst Kickstarter project. It is in fact a scientific breakthrough developed by scientists from a Belgian university. The Belgian’s have discovered a method to turn urine into potable water.

It is a not so simple process that sounds very simple.

Step 1: Collect pee. I don’t want to know how you do it, just do it.

Step 2: Membrane distillation. It’s magic!

Step 3: Collect fertilizer and drinking water.

Ok, it’s not really magic. It’s science. But that’s pretty damned close! The science way is that the urine is heated with solar power and passes through a membrane which removes up to 95% of the ammonia present in urine. Water is separated out and collected, leaving things like nitrogen and potassium which can be used in fertilizers.

The Belgians set up at a music and theater festival to test. They collected urine and distilled a thousand litres of water which will now be used to make Belgian beer. The intention of this process is to help areas in the developing world where drinking water is a difficult commodity to come by.

It’s a noble cause.

It’s also pee…

Oh Belgians, why couldn’t you have just stuck to waffles.