Domino’s Pizza Introduces the DXP


There’s few things in life that are as disappointing as having a pizza delivered to your door, only to find it’s cool to the touch. There was a time that pizza places would guarantee delivery time, but this led to unsafe driving by some drivers, and those promises became a thing of the past. When your pizza is one of many that the driver has to deliver, those insulated bags just don’t seem to do the trick. Domino’s may have the problem fixed.

How did hey do it?

A mobile warming oven! A mobile warming over wrapped in a brand new car! Domino’s Pizza teamed up with Local Motors and Roush Enterprises to customize the 2015 Chevroley Spark in to the Domino’s Delivery Expert, or DXP for short. The customizations aren’t just a Domino’s sign stuck with a magnet to the top either.

As mentioned before, there is a warming oven built in to the car. Directly behind the driver and accessible from the outside, and equipped with keyless entry. In addition, all but the driver’s seat has been removed, allowing for additional storage besides the pizza oven, and specialized storage allowing for all the condiments to be held tight instead of rolling around on the floorboards. In all, Domino’s is stating the small car will be able to hold 80 pizzas, but who’s going to order that many to test the theory?

On the outside of the DXP, there is an illuminated out for delivery light on the roof, puddle lights that shine the Domino’s logo on the ground. And of course, the branded paintjob is sure not to be missed. The DXP is no concept vehicle. 100 DXP’s are being produced and will be sent out to 25 cities.
Source: Engadget