Digital Photography – Before Your Lessons Begin

Before we get to the lessons let me introduce myself (If you don’t already know me that is)

I’m Reverend Grim, Apple Basher and BlackBerry supporter/blogger on

A lot of you will be wondering “Why is he doing these Photography lessons?”

Well it’s fairly simple: I grew up with a bike-racing dad, after many an accident (he wasn’t very good at racing) he decided to take pictures of his favourite sport and his hobby turned profesional. He bought me an SLR for my 11th birthday, a Zenith E, fully manual lump.

geekMy First Film Camera.

His reasoning? “If the boy learns to do it all manual, when his fully auto camera plays up he’ll still know how to get the right picture.”
He was right, in the long run I did get an automatic camera, a Canon AE1 after a few Praktica’s, then progressed to the EOS and, after many years at school learning my camera and darkroom techniques, a medium format Zenza Bronica ETR and ETRSi, both of which served me proudly as a professional photographer running all over the UK taking pictures of peoples’ big weddings or of pipes under the sea to Carl Foggarty ripping his tyre’s at the WSB or two maniacs motorcycle jousting! On the HIGH WIRE!

There isn’t much I’ve not seen or had to do from the viewfinder of my trusted cameras.


I’ve recently started chatting to friends on BBM about their cameras and helping them with settings, then I thought I’d start a channel (Shameless plug C0045B753) and do a few lessons on there. This does and doesn’t work; as great as BBM Channels are, trying to teach photography with one picture and 400 characters is nigh-on impossible! So, from the depths of the UTB dungeons I am going to crawl out and do them here!

The first lesson that will be available next week will be all about what camera to use for what, and what camera you should be buying. After all, do you need a £3500 camera body and a camera bag full of lenses that cost so much that some small countries national debt would be easier to clear, if you’re taking pictures of the kids on the first day of school in their new uniform or of you and your mates in a bar in Spain? Not really, so we will all sit down together and work out your requirements!

Feel free to ask any questions about this or anything else (Photographic wise) in the comments below or through the channel (another shameless plug C0045B753)

And this Saturday I will be sharing subscribers photos on the channel, come along and join in! You’re more than welcome!

Rev Grim

From BlackBerry Channels to blogs you'll find me bashing the sheeple! I've had 25+ years in the photographic trade, from taking pictures to printing and processing to profesional sales. I like to try and make it simple to learn rather than baffle with all the long words, new comers get confused to quickly and give up! Other than that I'll be here listening to my music the way its supposed to be listened too... FULL VOLUME! BBMC C0021F214(Rocks) - C000117D3(Temple) - C0045B753(Photography) or @UTBRock - @CRAPPLEBASHING

  • bartron

    When I first got into photography just a few years ago, it was with a Canon A630 point-and-shoot camera that had the usual automatic modes, but also had a full manual mode.

    The first couple of photos I took with it were in automatic mode, but after that I switched to manual mode so that I could see how the different parameters affected the photo. I stayed with manual mode ever since.

    • Using manual mode definitely opens up new avenues in creative photography, unfortunately I had to learn it all on film, the time and money wasted after getting a roll of 36 processed to find your mistakes can get you down sometimes, at least with digital you can see them instantly!