Dashbot: A Personal Assistant for Your Car

Grab yourself a road trip partner that answers your questions, gives you the right directions, and only plays the music you want them to. Welcome the Dashbot.


Amazon did it. Now Google is doing it. Apple seems to be thinking about doing it. AI infused personal assistants seem to be quite the popular new gadget. I have one. I have the Amazon Alexa Dot. And I love it. I did a little review on it after I had it for a few hours and was loving it. Now I love it more.

I love being able to walk around the house and ask whatever questions and make little reminders and control my music. It’s amazing just how handy it is. Of course, in this day and age where we all have smartphones, tablets, and instant access to the internet, this information isn’t hard to come by. But it is so convenient to just be able to call out for it.

But there’s a problem. I have a complaint about my Alexa, and home personal assistant altogether. My complaint is, it’s at home. And I don’t spend a lot of time at home. Sure, you can get an Amazon Tap, a mobile version of the Echo, or even various third party battery bases for the Echo, but then you have to worry about hotspot and whatnot. Who want’s to do that? I don’t.

There is a place where Alexa could really come in handy, and that’s in the car. I want Alexa in my car! And Dashbot is doing just that!

Dashbot is a project currently on Kickstarter, that brings an AI personal assistant in to you car. Connecting to your phone via an app, and connecting to your car by either Bluetooth or an auxiliary cable. With Dashbot, you can send and read text messages, control your music, even get spoken directions, and all you need do is ask Dashbot to do it.


And the screen? There isn’t one. It doesn’t need one. And there really shouldn’t be one for you to be watching while in your car. Instead, there is a display that should remind you of Kitt from Knight Rider, if you remember Knight Rider that is. It’s definitely retro, but really now, most of us remember dreaming about having Kitt someday, and this pretty damned close. I’ve got to admit, this wavelength display makes me want the Dashbot that much more!

And the Dashbot is now two assistants in one. There’s the Dashbot we’ve been talking about, and it’s also got Alexa integration, so you can ask Alexa all those little questions while you’re on the road.

Dashbot reward levels start at a very reasonable $49 and shipment is planned for July. Head here to join in the Kickstarter now.